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July 26, 2013 / Tara

Back in the Hospital

Sitting in ER waiting patiently for a room

Sitting in ER waiting patiently for a room

Well we knew it couldn’t last forever. My little daughter made it almost 7 weeks at home but ended up with a line infection and is inpatient once again. Thankfully she’s doing well and recovering nicely. They will pull her central line next week. Still figuring out what will happen after that. Hoping she won’t need another line placed but she just started weaning off her fluids so its too soon to tell. They are actually giving her pedialyte through her g-tube overnight now. That started yesterday. So if she can do well with that, the venous access may become a non-issue. Things are happening quickly.

Funniest thing was when she and I were taking a walk around the hospital and her dad came back from going downstairs or something and she saw him and said “Daddy’s home!” Yep, the hospital does feel like our home considering the almost 7 weeks she just spent at home was the longest she was at home in a row all year. We’ll see if we can top that when we get her home again. Of course we already have an admission for testing planned on 8/7, so it’ll have to be after that. I do think there should be some frequent flyer miles at the hospital I can rack up. Maybe get points I can turn in for free parking? I almost killed the valet people yesterday because I was so frustrated with how much we have to pay to park. There should be a cap for families who have sick kids. It’s outrageous.

But we have to be thankful that she is doing as well as she is and that things are moving along like they are. Her fever at the beginning of the week was scary as hell and I am not anxious to repeat that ever.

Here’s a cute pic I took of her hugging daddy. Funny how dads are like the magical cure to what ails a kiddo.



Hope you all have a great weekend!


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