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October 17, 2012 / Tara

Open Mouth Insert Foot … Again

Oops I did it again. But this time it was at the youngest’s school. Well she finally made it back there today after an almost 3 week absence. Pneumonia, swollen glands, GI issues- we had it all going on. But today it took a little prodding to get her to want to go to school. Oh who am I kidding- it took all out bribery. The first grade teacher is a little strict and the kids were all afraid of her at the beginning of the year. Well now my daughter has realized the teacher is really not that bad and likes her but I think she forgot that over the last few weeks. So we were late of course and I had to bring her into the building to get a late note. Then came her first grade class marching down to the gymeterium (do you have one of those at your school? The combo gym/auditorium/cafeteria they have to use for everything?) for the book fair which she was psyched to now get to attend. And there was much hugging and “ooh you’re back” going on which warmed my heart and definitely made her transition easier. I hung around to help out with the picking of the books and as always got roped into helping the other kids too (but they’re precious I didn’t mind).

After the craziness had calmed, several of the other mothers and some staff remarked how happy they were to see my daughter back and asked after her health. One mom who volunteers in the school lunch program made a big fuss over my daughter and how she posed like a model when she complimented her on her new glasses,  to which I replied something along the lines of, “Thank you. She really is a character. There is not another one quite like her”, more tongue in cheek than being serious. One of the other moms who was helping out remarked “Well I suppose the same could be said of all of us” or some such thing.

Whoops. I think she is a little insecure about her son maybe. My youngest is a social butterfly and she has been around so many different adults (mostly medical professionals) all her life that she can keep up with the conversation pretty easily. I will be the first to say she can also be a pain in the rear end (you like how I cleaned that up for you?) and is very much spoiled. I don’t tend to brag about my children unless it’s something well worth bragging about. I actually always am shocked when other parents fawn all over my daughter right in front of their own kids, makes me feel bad for their children. It is just true that people flock to my daughter and she is an extremely entertaining and sweet little girl. Doesn’t mean your kid isn’t nice, smart or cute. Well maybe it does, I don’t know but I’m sure every parent thinks their kid is something special. I just happen to know mine is. And I’m not apologizing for that.


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