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February 14, 2012 / Tara

Who Hates College Board Like I Hate College Board?

What is this scam they call College Board?  Did this even exist 22 years ago when I was applying to college?  Oh crap, I just outed my age!  Whoopsie.  Seriously though, I just got done filling out a CSS profile with my daughter for her financial aid for a few schools and they charge a $9 application fee and then a $16 per school fee.  What is up with that?  Didn’t I already pay to apply to these colleges and now I have to pay more money to fill out the form that they require to make their lives easier because they can’t just go by what the federal government says we should be paying.

I think I’ve put out about $700 to College Board in the last two or so years between AP test fees, SAT fees, SAT Subject Test fees, sending extra copies of scores to the schools above the four they will send for free or whatever.  I should have invented College Board.  Maybe I will make a competitor.  Call it Rip Off Board.

GRRR.  Maybe I need some more chocolate!




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  1. Tara / Feb 25 2012 10:01 am

    They do and I have to tell you as a parent, do your homework. If you can’t actually use the AP credit at the schools you want to go to don’t take them. I think they are getting billed as this thing you “have to do” if you’re a good student. But they aren’t.

  2. jessicadelellis / Feb 17 2012 9:46 pm

    I hate college board too. They charge too much for AP tests.

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