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January 12, 2012 / Tara

Wow! Where Has The Time Gone?

My oldest child is turning 18 tomorrow. There were times I didn’t think we’d make it to 18. Seriously! What do I even do with an 18 year old? I feel it’s a little ridiculous to say “I’m taking your Ipod if you don’t clean your room.”

Hoping that I won’t need to do this anymore. Magically she’ll become responsible and show me. Most likely, things won’t change too much tomorrow except that she can buy state lottery tickets and vote. I doubt 18 is some magic number.

I’m just hoping she’s going to get her room clean before her friends come over to celebrate tomorrow. She may not care if she’s got a pile of dirty laundry but I sure do!

Luckily for me I can stay upstairs and not have to see the dirty room unless I want to. She’s going to be 18 after all, I guess it’s up to her whether she wants to be messy or not.


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