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December 2, 2011 / Tara

Which Doctor Do I Call First?

I feel like I’m on a game show. Though it’s a really bad game show where the only prizes are maybe a pack of pills, some follow up appointments and hey if we’re really lucky a big bill.  I am sure some people who know me question why I don’t work full-time (out of the house I mean!) but what they don’t understand is how much work it is being the mom to my kids.  Today for example, I’ve had one meeting with the ICC and the Family Partner for my oldest to discuss closing services because she’ll be 18 next month.  I’ve had to speak to that daughter’s pediatrician’s office about what to do about her Fibromyalgia and request a referral to Children’s since the rheumatologist we saw says he doesn’t treat fibromyalgia -wtf? And she is in a lot of pain.

Then I had to call some of her other providers to try and reschedule our “team meeting” for next week because she and I have family therapy scheduled and you don’t mess with family therapy.

Next I was on to deal with my youngest daughter’s dermatology office and following up since they didn’t call me back. She’s developed this weird spot which has lingered for two weeks near her surgery scar.  Of course it’s not “urgent” so they said they’d call me mid next week.  And maybe they’ll be able to get her in.  If there’s an act of God.  The surgery was three years ago.  Well two surgeries.  She had some lymphatic malformations taken out of her arm and then they had to go back in because they missed some.  I figured derm would be a good start but now after doing that thing all mothers of kids with chronic illness do, go to the internet, I am worried it might be a new malformation developing.  Though the last ones were all under the skin and not visible.  Yeah, don’t go on the internet when your kids are sick.  Not good.  Or especially if they’re healthy because you’ll have yourself convinced they are sick.

So now I’m debating calling her pedi.  Don’t want to be a crazy helicopter mom but not sure if it is a lymphatic malformation whether the derm even needs to be involved.  We went right to a surgeon last time.  Whenever I worry about possible infections with her, it quickly turns to big panic because of her primary immunodeficiency disease.

Of course I’m still waiting to hear back from her gastroenterologist on the pathology they sent off to Children’s.  Now that a doctor at Mount Sinai in New York has weighed in, oh yeah we bring out all the stops, turns out she could have a colitis after all.  Again, more internet research only serving to make me nutso.

The only one who doesn’t get this VIP treatment here is my poor teenage son.  He’s my “healthy middle child”.  That kid is doomed.  He’s got some mild depression and some anger issues we see a therapist for, who wouldn’t in this nut house.  But he’s the one not currently squeaking so he gets very little grease.  I have to make a date to do something special with him though.  I know he’s gotten the shaft lately.

Oh even my kitty cat is in need of medical attention.  She’s just got to get some booster shots next week though.

Keep spinning that wheel momma!



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  1. shoes / Dec 2 2011 6:25 pm

    Be strong and carry on. I hate dealing with medical run arounds. My 5 year old has cerebral palsy, a VP shunt, and seizures – between insurance and the various doctors we see (and pay!) it gets a bit crazy. And I need to remember that my three year old will have the “healthy child” syndrome if I am not careful. Oh, and don’t get me started on our two geriatric German Shepards. Sigh…

    • stolimartinimom / Dec 2 2011 8:18 pm

      Thanks shoes! It can be exhausting at times. But wouldn’t ya know the dermatologist’s office called the house when I was out picking up the kids at school and she got an appointment Monday. So at least that is one thing not to worry about. Thanks for stopping by!

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