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December 2, 2011 / Tara

Dream Log for Students – Really?

My daughter was assigned a project that involves her waking up several times during the night to log her dreams for two weeks.  Because we are likely to forget some if not all of our dreams in the a.m., it is a requirement that they set an alarm or preferably have a trusted family member wake them up.  So forget the fact that this would possibly inconvenience parents and sleep deprive us as well, is this really a good project for teens who historically don’t get enough sleep as it is?

Add to this the fact that my daughter is on anti-depressants and meds to help her sleep and wanted to skip her meds to make sure she would wake up.  Now the Psychology teacher probably doesn’t know this but he does know she is on an IEP for emotional issues.  This assignment already caused her issues on Wednesday and she wouldn’t go to school because she was so tired.  I mentioned something about this to her clinician who thought it was an odd assignment  but suggested I talk to her teacher if I had concerns.  Like that is so easy to do.  And of course my daughter doesn’t want me to talk to the teacher.  I don’t know what she is thinking will change a week from now.


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