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November 7, 2011 / Tara

What is Going on With My Five Year Old?

AislynnMy lovely five year old daughter is home sick again today. I think it’s a little bit of “Iwanttostaywithmomitis”.  But it is so hard to tell because she has been legitimately sick.  Ever since her last IVIG treatment on 10/27, she’s had off and on issues with vomiting and diarrhea.  TMI?  Whoops!  Sorry.  You’ll probably want to skip the rest of this post then.

Aislynn has had digestive issues since infancy.  She was hospitalized twice and they thought maybe she had some kind of GI infection but couldn’t find it and they also determined she might have a milk protein allergy.  She’s been tested several times since and no allergies are indicated.  She has been diagnosed with slight reflux (has improved since infancy) and has CVID-Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disease.  She’s on all kinds of medicine and is followed by several docs.

I’ve got a “poop diary” going and that sucker is full because she’s had 5 days out of the last 12 with really bad diarrhea and vomiting.  First I thought it was the IVIG.  But then the symptoms stopped and came back.  Could it be a bug?  Could it be her diet.  Chocolate seems to be something that she has a problem with so we’re eliminating chocolate (especially cocoa and chocolate milk which seem to give her issues) for a while.  Of course she just had Trick Or Treating so that’s a little tough on her.  She seemed ok so Friday she had her flu shot. Guess what-Friday night she started having issues again and was terribly sick Saturday and Sunday.

The Gastroenterologist is trying to get another specialist to look at her case because there were some abnormal cells in her last slides from her last colonoscopy.  She tells me they are indicative of an injury to the colon?  Injury?  What does that mean.  So giving it another day before I call the GI again.  I can’t see letting this poor kid suffer indefinitely.  On the selfish side, it’s really hard to get any work done when your 5 year old never goes to school and when she’s home she’s frequently in the bathroom needing you.  So I need this to stop.

Anyone ever have their kids have weird bouts of vomiting and diarrhea with no other signs of illness?  Love to hear from you!


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