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August 12, 2011 / Tara

GIVE Education and Help Keep Kids In School

“The reality is all kids deserve the chance to learn and succeed.”~ John Legend

John Legend Sitting With Students

Truer words may never have been spoken. Not all students today believe they deserve the chance to learn. Never mind the laws that state you have to be in school until a certain age or the fact that you won’t be employable without that diploma and often enough higher education. Clearly the statistics show there are far too many children giving up on themselves. Did you know nine seconds another young person drops out of school? I didn’t until today. What a startling statistic but I know we all get bogged down in numbers and we start to become desensitized.

Let me tell you what this means to me personally. My 17 year old daughter who I write about often is a very intelligent, creative young woman. She has always done very well academically. That is until she started to suffer from emotional issues. There have been times over the last two years that she has considered dropping out of high school. Just because she has been that discouraged. And there are those who would say “well if the child doesn’t want to be there, then they aren’t learning anything anyway so just let them quit”. I would wholeheartedly disagree and say let’s do everything we can to keep my daughter and every other kid out there considering dropping out from doing so. Let’s help them recognize they deserve a chance to learn. Let us help them feel good about themselves and their accomplishments. Let’s keep anymore students from becoming a statistic.

If you agree then consider joining P&G and spokesperson John Legend in their GIVE Education campaign. By partnering with Communities In Schools (CIS), one of the nation’s leading dropout prevention organizations, and one that is proven to increase graduation rates and decrease dropout rates, GIVE Education will enable CIS to continue channeling much-needed resources to students who are at greatest risk of dropping out.

How can you help?

Consumers can take simple steps to help “School the Nation” – and help keep kids in school. Here are a few easy ways to get started:

1. Save and Do Good: Look for special P&G brandSAVER coupons in your local newspaper on Sunday, July 31. For each coupon redeemed, P&G will donate two cents to CIS. Find out where to get your P&G brandSAVER on Facebook. The uncapped donation will be based on the number of coupons redeemed beginning July 31 – the more you save, the more you give. Most coupons expire after four weeks.

2. Watch to Donate: Watch an exclusive video from John Legend on Facebook where for each view, P&G will donate $.25 to CIS, up to $10,000.

3. Spread the Word: Share the Facebook page and use Twitter to let people know.  You can help one school win $10,000 from P&G.  Enter at the contest tab on the P&G Give Page.

How many kids do you know that when they were eight said “I want to be a high school drop-out”? Let’s help these kids get back to their dreams! Whether you are the parent of a special needs child, a general education student or none of the above, the numbers don’t lie. Join P&G, CIS and John Legend and help spread the word about GIVE Education.

Check it out now and follow P&G and GIVE Education on Twitter at @PGMyGive as well!


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