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July 20, 2011 / Tara

Dealing with the Ex

Oh I know, I should count myself lucky.  My ex-husband and I have a fairly amicable relationship now.  But there were plenty of years there where we did not.  I don’t think I can begin to describe how rough it was for a while.  But now that my ex has a new soon to be ex-wife, why is it he thinks we are friends?  When he calls about the children, he likes to tell me all about his life.  I don’t really want to listen.  And sometimes I just want to scream “We are not friends” but I keep it in check, for the kids.  Of course one child is 17 now and one is 14 so our dealings are fewer and fewer.  He moved to Connecticut a few years back and the kids are in school and have their friends and activities here so visits are infrequent.  Which is another reason I don’t want to talk to him much.  I can definitely see how little effort he puts in to spending time with them.

Today he called to ask about the visit he has coming up tomorrow and kept me on the phone for a good 15 or 20 minutes.  I do have to give him credit, this time he asked me how the kids were doing.  Rare!  Maybe he can learn new tricks.  I just hope he doesn’t show up at my house with his stupid chihuaha again.  Last time he dropped the kids off he had the dog with him.  Came right in the house with it and I have a dog.  Oh and we were eating dinner.  ACK!  But I just bite my tongue.

Maybe I should say something but after all the years of terrible fighting and stress, I just want to keep the status quo.  So I let the littler things go.

How do you deal with your ex?


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