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June 17, 2011 / Tara

Do You Like Your Child’s Friends’ Parents?

You can’t pick your kids’ friends.  Well at least not after they are about 5 or 6 or head off to school.  So consequently these people who come into your lives whether you want them to or not, your kids’ friends’ parents are not necessarily people you would choose to befriend.  I’ve managed to keep my distance from most of my older children’s friends’ families.  But now that my 5 year old will be going to full-time kindergarten and her cousin will be in the same class I know I am going to have to make nice with some of her classmates’ parents.  I don’t make friends easily so this has me a little on edge.  I hate small talk and I’m not into listening to you brag about your kid’s accomplishments so unless you have something interesting to say, I’m probably going to be bored.  I feel like I should join the PTO at her new school but I’ve been down that road before.  And that road ends in a lot of frustration.  And then there’s even more opportunity to socialize with this pack of parents I don’t even know if I have anything in common with other than where our children go to school.  Not much to build on there.

Well there’s only 13 more years or so of this to worry about.  Maybe by then they’ll outlaw parents and it won’t matter.


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