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June 15, 2011 / Tara

Welcome to Moms Who Drink Martinis

You don’t have to be a martini lover to read this blog!  And I highly suggest not spending alot of time online after knocking back a few martinis.  Been there, done that.

I have created this blog to share my experiences with parenting and life and love and hope that you will enjoy my musings.  My children are diverse in age and keep me very busy.  Perhaps I can offer someone out there some been there done that experience.

My oldest is a 17 year old beautiful, shy, intelligent girl who has been struggling with an emotional disability causing her issues in school.  We have been learning a lot about the Special Education programs and challenges over the last two years.  My 14 year old son is taller than me now and plays guitar like he’s been doing it all his life.  He struggles with his emotions as well and lately has had difficulty staying focused on school.  I think hormones play a large part there.  My 5 year old daughter has had health issues since birth and was diagnosed last year with Primary Immunodeficiency, more specifically CVID (common variable immune deficiency).  She also has had various GI issues and suffers from moderate to severe eczema.  We have an average of 8-10 specialists involved with her care at all times so it can be a little hectic to say the least.

I also am very interested in writing and aspired to be an author or screenwriter in my youth.  So this blog gives me an opportunity to use the written word in a public format again.

I do hope you will enjoy momswhodrinkmartinis and feel free to comment!



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